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монотипия, 2008

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zwZKWAkpd (2012-04-02 20:18:39)
Hi Helen,Nokia N98 is just a concept on a dniawrg board. We may never see it in real life. However, most of its features and maybe some parts of its design may be found soon in the Nokia models to come.Best regards,Alex

ztewDcYTK (2013-01-25 15:36:35)
Hi Jessica, no you can join right away if you want It is online and now in total The stndtues that signed up before were working real time weeks- but you can do it now on your own pace. Iwill be still there for you if you have questions Nat

QYjG7rT80ckS (2015-08-12 14:34:47)
Lordy, Lordy child!! You have made some fantastic tags. Really wdonerful. We were gone all day so I have not been able to play with Mr. Tim but hope I can spend the day with him tomorrow. After seeing your tags, I can't wait!! Smashing tags Sylvia!!Sandy

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