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xUcWXinGJvLSQiuHpcv (2012-07-04 11:16:12)
2:36EYA will likely be appvored to build sixty-something townhomes on this site.That remains to be seen. The last time they won before the Planning Board, they lost at the Hearing Examiner and Planning Board levels.When it became apparent that neither the planning board nor the hearing examiner were buying that, SOECA agreed to accept RT-12.That is patently false. SOECA has not agreed to accept RT-12.5 (I assume that is what you meant, because there is no RT-12).The hearing examiner required some reasonable changes to accomodate SOECA's concernsThe Hearing Examiner told EYA to fix certain problems. It's new plan does not do that.And while many of the comments on this posting are indeed juvenile, so are the ridiculous claims that building sixty-something townhomes on this site will have dire consequenses on the existing residents' lifestyles.During the first round of this saga, EYA's supporters called SOECA's claims ridiculous, but the Hearing Examiner and Planning Board found otherwise. Would you like to tell the Hearing Examiner that her opinion was ridiculous? How about Valerie Ervin?

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