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Утро - левая гобелен

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cbPiiDKmmVkPWsuTlH (2012-02-27 18:22:00)
This beogglr couldnt have put it any better. I remember meeting three young westerners, who were eager to visit Kibera. It was easy for me do dismiss them as tourists taking a detour from the beaten tourist track ,to go to kibera ,get a picture and a story to tell when back home prove to their friends they realy came to africa and actually went to kibera. If i was emnbarrased, i never showed. Its good i never did for the tourists not only visited kibera again and again but engaged with people on a more personal level than i had expected.with ne benefit of prior experience and an environment poisoned by Big NGO money, poison that manifested it self in the sickening sense of entitlement, the tourist managed to be on first name basis with with many youth especially from Soweto youth group. The rest is history.My day out as a tour guide stretched into almost two years of involvement in watse management business. Three waste management centres have been built in Nairobi benefiting close to 50 young people and almost half that number trained in business skills.This couldnt have happened if the tourists' hadnt rolled their sleves ands hand in hand with their peers in Kibera, Makadara and Mathare, waded into the murky world of waste management.ofcourse there are those ideal things you hope to achieve and so did the tourists , but then things dont work like that .unforeseen challenges and situations a rising, and you have to respond to that with money and deeds. That is what Sean, Justin and Nathaniel Have been doing And i thought they were tourists escaping from harsh winter!!

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