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MenloMxmHSthExhMWPG (2012-07-04 11:41:31)
MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! Especially about the abandoned scoohl surrounded by chain link fence! COME ON! Absolutely ridiculous that they are STILL protesting townhomes and new residents to "DOWNTOWN" There are so many more important things to protest in this day in age and townhomes aint it. I am so sick of everything being slowed down by these type of idiots. You can't live so close to the DC border in a designated downtown area of an edge city and expect the area to be your backyard. You have to allow other people to move into the area and deal with GROWTH. Otherwise, Move to Cumberland!

clAOKAqwA (2015-08-12 19:48:54)
We have many of the same kind of "we want to preserve the [insert semnthiog that no longer applies] character of our community" fearful people over here in Takoma Park. Mention density and they start putting up the excuses of traffic and more kids in the schools, and they can't see that seniors are moving away because there's no place to downsize and families with kids are moving in, or that people who live in townhouses near transportation and amenities don't drive as much as they do. These are some of the same kind of presevation people who want to freeze time and keep a "Canada Dry" building facade (and what's up with that sign?) or a ratty shell of a gas station (Takoma Junction), and who want to keep the [insert semnthiog that no longer applies] character by not installing sidewalks (because their kids were fine there 40 years ago when dad had the only car), but wonder why no one wants to put a nice restaurant or decent business near their neighborhood (hint--the customer density, parking facilities (which they also oppose), and safe walking routes are not there). Not a one is a yuppie--it's more the we've lived here forever and rusted in place. I'm in the same age group (the ones that use to say "never trust anyone over the age of 30," but sometimes I wish they wouldn't let anyone over the age of 30 vote on local issues.

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