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нити, непряденая шерсть на ткани

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HXvYCDxIFZz (2012-09-18 11:57:52)
Something dose not seem right. Sometimes they release the name and some times they do not. I feel that the poicle are holding back the name of the driver so no one will take it upon themself to take this matter into their owns hands. They must also build a good case or this driver will get off. It is wrong to have left this person to died like the driver did. He should at least been arrested on the spot for leaving the scene of an accident. They do that with hit and run car accidents.

mHTyiWtuO (2013-01-23 21:20:08)
I'm out of league here. Too much brain power on dispaly!

83rUCYBc (2014-12-28 11:05:06)
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