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Декоративная подушка

Декоративная подушка

Меринос, мокрое валяние, 2008

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JYhJjdpeYunRfJwhqP (2012-10-24 02:30:59)
Hello ZedI once made a tall vessel ressit method, 6 layers each side finished about 60cms high. I used merino tops on the bottom third, alpaca tops in the middle and merino tops on the top third. The merino was lovely and firm but there was no way the vessel would ever stand up properly because the alpaca was too soft by comparison and the middle sort of buckled when the vessel was upright. And yes, it was a lot hairier. I gave up on it (all that wool, all that effort) and chucked it away, but in retrospect maybe I should have tried re-inforcing the alpaca part of the vessel with decorative stitching.I like your pod very much it would make an attractive ornament in a modern room. It looks like granite.I use laminate floor underlay for the ressit for my pods. It's plastic, pliable and just thick enough to be firm in the early stages of the pod making. I also do four layers each side.

4OjrPFjn (2015-08-12 16:59:26)
You're stocking Drops?? Woohoo!! Their alpcaa is my favourite, I love you!! Will there be a possibility of sweater-quantity orders in the future? I love Drops, and their patterns are impressive for free patterns.

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