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ERVmMCwL (2012-09-18 20:36:08)
8:56 - Your assumptions and idnnenuos are pointless. The mayor only repeated what he was told to a reporter who probably asked. WHO CARES! A family is suffering a horrible loss and all you can do is conjecture and point fingers. PATHETIC!The ONLY thing we should be discussing at this time is what we can do as a community for the family of this child.

5czRri7p0u8r (2013-10-24 19:44:48)
To be nourished by the love you see and feel arnoud you is rare indeed. So many people weigh what they get in their lives. They measure their relationships carefully, checking to see if the love they receive enough, is exciting, is reciprocated fully, or might be best discarded for better options. And here you are in a quiet voice reminding us that it's possible to absorb joy you see and carry it with you. You are wise indeed my friend.

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