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Z58NsIwm1 (2014-12-28 12:50:53)
Correct me if I am wrong but the approved plan looks mhgtiy similar to what the east silver spring community association proposed by its experts. Also rhetorical point the over the top parade of horribles in your write up made me question the bona files of your arguments. This developer is not responsible for every ugly poorly laid out development in silver spring. (and there is a lot of ugly). They are probably not saints, but I do love looking at the linden development. So u might want to consider how unhappy u might have been with a builder with less sophistication. I am very sensitive to community expectations but at the end of the day, u can only constrain the property owner's right so much and probably less so in the future thanks to conservative supremes. Fight for the trees but be smart and be careful of the battles u pick.

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