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Алена Горюнова, 9 лет, нетканый гобелен

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mSkuSMbhf (2012-04-02 13:12:02)
Damn.I NEVER get to go to these things. I make plans, I buy the kttiecs, even get the daggone train kttiecs and a reservation at my favorite Seattle hotel and then something comes up and I'm not there. Drat. Drat. Drat.I'd made a list of about 10 auction items and a vow that I'd go home with at least two, so probably it's just as well. Sounds as if I'd be staring at an empty bank account and cursing my auction fever

G7Lw1V5RmI (2014-12-28 20:36:07)
that's his top offer on your car you say, "ok, but can you name me some other local dealers who you think will offer me more?" Or asknig an independent shop owner if Costco or Walmart sell the same thing for cheaper. There is so much free advice here on this blog that we are spoilt, spoilt, spoilt by its generosity. But it's almost rude (in my opinion) to ask, can you give away specific information on your competitors? It's still business and she's not in it just one-sidedly for us. If we don't know who the other top agents are in the genre of books that we are writing, we have to do the leg work to find out. Maybe I'm wrong and Kristin can happily 'give out the list' but I think I'd eat my Mac mouse in surprise. Let's not be fooled by friendliness and generosity of free industry information - not everything is on special offer. We need to look ourselves to find the discount coupons for competing providers too.

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